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Offical Course Review: Cobblestone Golf Course Review

Cobblestone Golf Course Review

by John Kim

Introduction: I can't say anything about this golf course that hasn't been said better by more qualified people. Ranked #10 in the state by Golf Digest in 1997, ranked #1 among public courses. A perienneal favorite amongst low handicappers for the challenge, yet flocked to by beginners for the scenery and atmosphere. Originally named The Boulders, Cobblestone has been open since 1993. It is a Ken Dye design which puts a premium on accuracy but distance is certainly a big help on a few key holes.

Setting up your round: If you are a Cobb County resident, you can play this great great course at a great, great price. By purchasing the "players card", you save $$$$ for every round you play. The one small downside to that...everyone knows it. During the week, this course is busy. For a weekend, it is packed. Saturday tee times are often gone by the preceding Tuesday morning (the earliest you can book them). The course is a treat to play, and the demand for space here shows it.

When you arrive: After checking in, there is a wide variety of ways to warm-up prior to your tee time. The clubhouse has a snackbar where sandwiches, burgers, and drinks can be served up quickly. A large practice green is located just in front of the pro shop, and a nice driving range can be found on the other side of the parking lot. The range also has a practice bunker.

Hole you'll love: #17, a short downhill par 4. Need to make up a stroke or two? Got a decent breeze behind you and a good amount of confidence in the lumber? It's 300 yards downhill to this green, but it takes quite a bit of gumption (for lack of a more printable word) to go for it. But driving this well protected green is possible, I've seen it done (and done it a time or two), but not neccessarily the wisest of choices. Anyways, golf isn't always about being cautious. Weigh the pros and cons and then let 'er rip. A great hole.

Hole you won't: #2, a long par 4. This hole is the #1 handicap hole, and it's no secret why. Your tee shot needs to be right down the middle or your in some serious trouble. Left is a deep ditch (if you're lucky) and then the woods. Right is a nasty hill with thick rough, a cartpath, and more woods. Even the fairway on the right may mean you are blocked out by trees on your approach. Oh, and hit it long! Now, you only have to hit a long second shot into a two-tiered green with a huge rock guarding the front, a bunker on the left, and thick rough all around the green. Bogey or better means you can score well today. Good luck.

Overview:Again, here is a course you don't have to take my word for. Evey major golf publication has had nothing but great things to say about this course. As for me, I love the place. Bring a solid game, the course rewards you for it. Bring a hack game, you'll know it early. It is fair but challenging, scenic and well-maintained, convenient and well-priced. I am confident you will agree.

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