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Offical Course Review: Bradshaw Farms Golf Club Review

Bradshaw Farms Golf Club Review

by John Kim

Introduction: My first memory of Bradshaw Farm was not a pleasant one. Playing in a cold hard wind, I remembered three putting the last hole and losing a three way tie for first in a Georgia PGA Pass Tournament. I remembered a few fairways being so wet, they were unplayable and some greens looking pretty rough as well. Now, five years later, I made my first return to this club located in Woodstock. Without the pressure of the tournament, and the memory of my own failings, my return trip was so much nicer.

Setting up your round: A great staff at Bradshaw Farm will help you find the time you want to tee off. Due to an aggressive marketing campaign, the club has been quite busy as of late so it would serve you well to call a day or two ahead during the week and certainly, a few days ahead for weekend times. I was able to get out the day of my call however, so it's not unheard of to show up here and be teeing off within a half an hour or so. Call the pro shop at (770) 592 2222 to answer any other questions.

When you arrive: The course has all the amenities for you: A grill with a large seating area, putting green, range, etc. Don't worry about constantly checking your watch as you warm up, they will call you to the tee box (and announce who's "on deck") over a loud speaker. It's only bad when people jeer after they call your name.

Hole you will love: Several of the par 5s here are reachable in two, but their signature hole may be hole #9. It's a medium length par 4 which offers one of the best views from the tee box of any in Atlanta. The hole plays downhill off the tee to a fairly wide fairway, but then takes a precise approach to an elevated green. You can not miss this green long or to the right, or else your ball is probably in the hazard. I didn't say it was an easy hole, but the rising red clubhouse in the background frames this hole so well, it's the one you'll remember when you leave.

Least Favorite Hole: Hole #12 could be imploded and I'd be okay with it. You can't go any further than 225 yards off the tee, thus assuring you of a mid-iron in on this medium length par 4. If you miss left, you're in the tall weeds and if you go any further than the 150 stake (about 225 yards out) you're in the ravine of death. There is trouble all along the left side, and the green has several slopes that make putting difficult.

Overall: I was fully prepared to not like Bradshaw Farm, my memory of it after one encounter was less than glowing. However, after this visit, I have to amend my initial reactions and state that this is a quality layout and course. The conditions, particularly the greens, were as nice as any around. I understand that's quite a source of pride for them now, as they should be. There are still a few quirky holes here, but it's one of the better values in the city. If you haven't played here before, or (as in my case) it's been awhile, try it out?I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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