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Offical Course Review: Fieldstone Golf and Country Club

Fieldstone Golf and Country Club

by John Kim

Introduction For over 30 years (Fieldstone opened in 1969), this course has been one of the stalwarts of the Atlanta Golf community. Located in Conyers, it has a host of competing courses within a 5 iron shot of it, but still gets plenty of play - due to it's score friendly layout and very affordable rates.

Getting Started: Though the course has scores of loyal regulars, next day or even same day tee times are not that rare here. If you're in a pinch, this course will almost always have a spot for you. Ironically, it also has one of the most extended advance tee time policies, often taking times up to two weeks in advance.

When You Arrive: The course does offer a driving range and putting green, not excellent but certainly serviceable. The pro shop is small and doesn't hold that much, but what it does sell, is often at bargain prices. The dining area is likewise small with a limited selection.

Hole You Will Love: Possibly the only par 5 in Atlanta that is rated the easiest hole on the course, Hole #9 is a short par 5 that you should definately play aggressively. Just not a lot of trouble here, and tons of birdies waiting (heck, more than a few eagles soar here too)

Hole You Won't: Hole #5 is a long par 3 that plays entirely over water. There is no good place to miss this green, to the right is more the left is a difficult chip for your next shot.

Overview: For what this course is, it's great. It won't impress your friends, it won't leave you awed with it's scenery or conditioning. However, it won't break your bank account and it won't leave you griping either. Everyone here had a great smile and the devotion the regulars show to this course speaks for itself. The scorecard and tee markers don't match too often (in terms of yardage for each hole) and the bermuda greens aren't always the smoothest, but in all honesty, I'd never hesitate to come back for a fun round of golf.

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